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High Tech Heroes

I directed most of the 56 episodes of High Tech Heroes, a half-hour community-access television show. High Tech Heroes showcased people who made a substantial technical contribution to the high-tech world. Many guests were people from behind the scenes. Engineers, technicians, marketers, corporate officers, inventors, educators, all have tales to tell.

High Tech Heroes Metro Cover

Me, on left, with High Tech Heroes host Sherwin Gooch, right
Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper, April 2-8, 1992, Vol. 8, No. 5

High Tech Heroes show details, availability, and purchasing information are available at Ducky Sherwood's Webfoot.com.

High Tech Heroes Episodes

  1. Hud Nordin (video synthesis)
  2. Simon Field (science toys)
  3. Mark Rustad (software)
  4. Brian Gilchrist (satellites)
  5. Jim Bowery (private rocketry)
  6. Julius O. Smith / David Jaffe (NeXT)
  7. Paul Titchener (DSP)
  8. Ted Brown (modems)
  9. Magi Bollock (computer animation)
  10. Heinz von Foerster (cybernetics)
  11. Gavin Miller (computer animation)
  12. Michael Kaplan (graphics supercomputer)
  13. Seymour Cray (supercomputers), Part 1
  14. Seymour Cray (supercomputers), Part 2
  15. Seymour Cray (supercomputers), Part 3
  16. Craig Barratt (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
  17. Joe Cychosz (computer museum)
  18. Rick Balocca (PC diagnostics)
  19. Jerry Bauer (rapid hardware prototyping)
  20. Gordon Garb (computer animations)
  21. Clifford Williams (communications gateways)
  22. Rick Berg (Stanford Linear Accelerator)
  23. Barbara Fox (Kanji software)
  24. Jean-Louis Gassée (industry insights)
  25. Philip Rakity (operating systems)
  26. Todd Rundgren / David Levine (computer graphics)
  27. John Draper (phone phreaking)
  28. Guy Kawasaki (Macintosh)
  29. David Krauss (digital photography)
  30. Glenn Kowack (networking in Eastern Europe)
  31. Jim Nichols (networking)
  32. Paul Baran (modems)
  33. Hud Nordin (video synthesis)
  34. Wally Jansen (spectral geology)
  35. Howard W. Knoebel (NMR)
  36. Lippold Haken (computer music)
  37. Jef Raskin (Macintosh)
  38. Bruce McDiffett (the future), Part 1
  39. Bruce McDiffett (the future), Part 2
  40. Jim Bowery (controlled fusion)
  41. Larry Yaeger (artificial life)
  42. Randy Ubillos (video editing software)
  43. Tom Tengdin (research submersibles)
  44. Kurt Petersen (micro-machinery)
  45. Bob Miner (databases)
  46. David Kelley (product design)
  47. Mort Grosser (human-powered flight)
  48. Benjamin Chou (Macintosh work-alike)
  49. Roger O'Neill (biotechnology)
  50. John Crawford (386, 486, Pentium)
  51. Jeff Elliott (user interfaces)
  52. Forest Baskett (high-speed computers)
  53. Steven Wm Fowkes (smart drugs)
  54. John Cioffi (high-speed modems)
  55. ComputerMan (humor)
  56. Dr. John Treichler (digital radio)

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